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Ammoudia GreeceAmmoudia offers a kind of appealing, beautiful and relatively unspoilt Greek destination that is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Ammoudia is a small village at the coast of Epirus Prefecture, on the way to Parga from the capital city, Preveza.

Ammoudia it is a small village and has habitants’ simple and friendly people who work on fishing and tourism.

If you are looking for a tranquil village for your holidays with a selection of facilities and a region to live the traditional way of life of the locals then Ammoudia is your destination.

The village center is on the calm waterfront area, where you can enjoy the view to the Ionian Sea .

There are plenty lovely beaches to choose and a few tiny wooded at the coast for total peace and seclusion. Ammoudia beaches can all be reached easily on foot or a by the sea if you hire a small boat.

Front of the village  is the Ammoudia beach and at the site at the Acheron river entrance is the marine. The beach is ideal for families and young people because of the shallow water and the sandy beach where you can enjoy a lot of summer sports for all ages.

Ammoudia beache is about 1 to 3 minutes away from the village center and  offer beach facilities. At this place you will enjoy fresh fish in the traditional taverns which are located along the river Acheron just before it flow into the water of Ionian ocean.

Ammoudia beache will never disappoint you offer clean and shallow water and romantic atmosphere is the trade mark.

When the evening comes, locals and visitors usually spend some time in the cafes and fish taverns and restaurants, around the harbour watching the wonderful sunsets.

If you like nightlife, here you can find everything. Drinks are cheap and the local bars are very hospital.

In a distance of 20 km. and about 20 minutes north of Ammoudia there is the town of  Parga.

Some more beaches for swimming are Vrachos – Loutsa , Alonaki, Kerenza  and many more.

The communal division Ammoudia belongs to the Municipality of Fanari (Prefecture of Preveza) and constitutes a traction pole of tourism.

The area offers many modern hotels and rooms to let which can host you to live the most beautiful vacations.

The Necromantion at Messopotamos (just few minutes by the car from Ammoudia) be holds the mythological Oracle of the Dead. It is said the have been the point of crossing to the underworld of Hades.

Nearby is the 14th century bc colony of Efyra which was inhabited as far back as  14-13 bc by the Myceans. By the internal wall two children’s graves were found dating back to the iron age.

We like to say thank you to the Union of Touristic Accommodation and Establishment of Ammoudia for the lovely photo.


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